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PolymerTrack® is the leading provider of polymer pricing information and details the most competitive HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, PS, ABS and PET contract prices available. Our information is provided for the use of all manufacturers, processors and users of plastics. The PolymerTrack information is supplied to over 30,000 clients world-wide to the following industries: blow moulding, blow molding, injection moulding, injection molding, blown film, rotomoulding, rotomolding, thermoforming, extrusion blow moulding, extrusion blow molding, extruders and extrusion. Buyers of finished plastics can also use our service to track material prices: plastic packaging, plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic drums, plastic caps, plastic closures, plastic pipes, plastic tubes, plastic preforms, polythene bags, polythene sacks, plastic extrusions, plastic components, plastic mouldings, plastic moldings, plastic parts. Polymer costs and costings covered are: HDPE; high density polyethylene, LDPE; low density polyethylene, LLDPE; linear low density polyethylene, PP; Polypropylene, PVC; polyvinyl chloride, PS; polystyrene, ABS; acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, PET; polyethylene terephthalate. Our information is supplied by a number of molders and suppliers we consider to be reliable. The prices shown are for large users, buying in full loads and carrying no credit risk. These prices do not include volume rebates or prices for "off spec. material" or material purchased on the "spot" market. PolymerTrack® is available by subscription only, tracking prices in Europe, USA and Asia. Annual charges begin at £495 for one sector, £745 for two sectors and £1010 for three sectors. [ Visit Web Site ] [ Visit Skin ]