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Welcome to Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust

The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust is a charity providing help and support for former Formula One (F1) Mechanics. The Trust was formed in 1987 by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE to look after the needs of the men who are the real professionals in the Formula One pitlane. Recognition of the importance of the role of the mechanic was the principal reason for the establishment of the Grand Prix Mechanics Trust. The creation of the Trust and its registration as a charity was widely and warmly applauded and over the years it has been strongly supported, especially by the teams themselves. Its resources now substantially exceed 1 million. Accumulation of this reserve has made possible timely help for F1 mechanics and their families in times of hardship. The life of Grand Prix mechanics has changed substantially over the years. They now work in what has become a major European industry. Nowadays most of the F1 teams are in a stronger position to look after their people well, especially while the mechanics are working for them. But hardship can strike at any time, often long after the mechanic has left the comfort and support of the teams behind. There are now several generations of former F1 mechanics all over the world. As the sport continues to grow, so does the need to provide support when the unforeseen occurs.

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Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust, PO Box 38540, London, SW1Y 6YF
Tel: +44 (0) 1896 820263