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Welcome to Haxton Safety Ltd.

Haxton Safety Ltd has over 50 years experience in supplying the UK work wear and protective work wear, safety footwear, high visibility clothing, reflective clothing, flame retardant clothing, boilersuits, disposable clothing, industrial protective gloves and ear protection. Servicing a number of industries such as the construction, health care and the food industries. Portwest, Harveys, Harpoon, Faithful and Davern are all suppliers of work wear to Haxton Safety as well as other well know suppliers such as Regatta, MTS, Pal, Dalloz Safety, Uvex and Pulsafe. Haxton Safety also supply an attractive range of leisurewear including polo shirts, sweatshirts, bodywarmers, fleece jackets, outdoor waterproof jackets and teeshirts, particularly with embroidered and printed badges and logos enhancing company image and status.

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