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Welcome to Thomas Research Services Ltd.

Thomas Research Services is a small UK research consultancy specialising in practical, commercially orientated research and development into slag and slag based products. The company, founded in 1983, operates its own laboratories in New Holland, North Lincolnshire, UK, and has built up a wide range of clients. Project areas include Development of new slag based products, Research to enhance existing products, The successful redevelopment of former iron and steel works sites, Effective utilisation of stockpiled old, weathered slags, Problem solving and failure investigation, Representing the UK on British, European and International Standards Committees. Although TRS have well equipped laboratories, we are more than just a test house. A full consultancy service is provided, from the initial design of an investigation to the production of full interpretative reports. The range of laboratory facilities operated by TRS permits work in related fields such as cement, concrete, mortars and aggregates. If you have an industrial slag-related problem, please contact us with your requirements.

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