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  GetSelling stores feature:

>> Currency Manager
>> Customer Order Status
>> Database
>> Dynamic Pages
>> Featured Products
>> Forced Selling
>> Friendly Menus
>> Image Viewer
>> Payment Gateways
>> Product Add & Edit
>> Product Reviews
>> Random Product Rotations
>> Recommend a Friend
>> Skin Manager
>> Subcategories
>> Top Ten Sellers

Welcome to GetSelling

Ecommerce shouldn't be a luxury reserved for large businesses that buy in bulk direct from the manufacturer in order to under-cut the little man. Anyone with something to sell should be able to reach the masses and not only promote their product effectively, but also sell to anyone who's willing to buy... and the facility to do so shouldn't cost the earth. A GetSelling store from Nexus offers everything that you'd expect from the high-ticket dotcom stores such as Amazon, Play and CD Now without the ever-escalating cost of having custom software written. We understand that most businesses will have different requirements when it comes to selling their product online, and that's why the GetSelling software has been written in such a way that it is flexible enough to be customised without going back to the drawing board. This means that you can pretty much have the software operating the way you want it without breaking the bank. Our standard installations include a full store design (including a logo if you don't already have one), installation of the GetSelling software, a whole host of internal promotion features (see the panel on the left for more info on each feature) and we can either populate the entire database with your products, or get you started by adding a few. With a GetSelling store, you don't have to keep coming back to us for updates as everything you'll need is covered within the admin area. You can create your own pages, change exchange rates, update customer orders, add and edit products, even change the entire look of your store using the Skin Manager so you can tailor the look to the specific shopping season such as Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentine's Day or even change the look to suit a particular product launch. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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